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The Lost Art Database is run by the German Lost Art Foundation and documents cultural property expropriated as a result of Nazi persecution, especially from Jewish owners, between 1933 and 1945 (“Nazi-looted art”), or for which such a loss cannot be ruled out. With the help of the publication of so-called Search Requests and Found-Object Reports, former owners or their heirs are to be brought together with current owners and thus support all stakeholders in finding a just and fair solution.

The Lost Art Database also contains reports on cultural property that was removed as a result of the Second World War („wartime losses“). Their publication is intended to support solutions in accordance with international law. 

Private individuals and institutions in Germany and abroad can publish a Search Request for cultural property that was taken from them as a result of Nazi persecution or lost during the Second World War. Cultural property that has either been clearly identified as Nazi-looted cultural property or is suspected as such due to provenance gaps or other indications can be reported as Found Objects. Likewise, objects that have been identified as wartime losses of the Second World War or are suspected as such can be reported as found.

Contact: lostart@kulturgutverluste.de

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