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Project Funding regarding Cultural Property Expropriated as a Result of Nazi Persecution

On this page, publicly funded institutions, private institutions and private individuals interested in applying for project funding in the area of “Cultural property expropriated as a result of Nazi persecution” will find details about the possibilities and can download all the documents required for submitting a proposal.


In principle, all publicly maintained institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany – primarily museums, libraries, archives and universities – can apply for project funding from the German Lost Art Foundation. Privately funded institutions and private individuals are also eligible to apply. The requirement is that the institution or individual must declare themselves willing to arrive at a “just and fair solution” regarding the objects potentially identified as Nazi-looted cultural property as a result of the funded project in accordance with the Washington Principles and the Joint Declaration (Common Statement).

As a requirement for proposal submission, there must generally be a suspected instance of cultural property seized as a result of persecution under National Socialism. The purpose of the funding is to enable provenance research to be carried out. For this reason, the requested funds can be used to establish temporary staff positions, finance service contracts and cover material expenses such as travel costs.

Furthermore, the Foundation offers funding for projects dedicated to determining heirs. The purpose of this funding is to enable the identification of heirs to objects from collections for which provenance research has already been carried out. In this case, the preceding provenance research does not have to have been funded by the Foundation.

The Department of Cultural Property Losses in Europe in the 20th Century is the point of contact. For all questions relating to project funding:

Publicly funded institutions

Private institutions and individuals

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