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The media library contains all the Foundation’s publications along with documentation of the events it has organised. The blog includes reviews and articles from scholarly practice, for example. Here you will also find explanatory videos on questions of provenance research.

Cover "Provenire" volume 2
The German Lost Art Foundation publishes three series: the periodical “Provenance & Research” appears once a year, scholarly articles are published in the series “Provenire”, and the series “Working Paper Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste” features articles on current research topics published in open access. This section also contains the publications produced by the former Koordinierungsstelle (Coordination Office) Magdeburg.
In our blog, we provide insights into the projects we support, present important new publications and exhibitions on the subject of provenance research, report on conferences, and talk about how previously looted items of cultural property have found their way back to their rightful owners.

Latest Blog Posts

Historisches Foto von Wohnraum und Bildern
"Provenance research and photography" III: Photography as evidence in the recovery of Nazi looted cultural artefacts. The example of French case law in the 21st century
Grafik mit Besuchern vor einer leeren Museumswand
Empty spaces in museums as a narrative of cultural-historical and political contexts
Ansicht eines Datensatzes
"Provenance research and photography" I: The effects of digitality on the handling of photographs
Panel discussion in the town hall hall
Event Documentation
Here you can view and listen to past colloquia and conferences organised by the German Lost Art Foundation.
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Explanatory Videos
The German Lost Art Foundation makes short, animated explanatory videos available for use free of charge in order to support the educational work done by cultural heritage institutions.