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Here you will find current news from the field of provenance research and on projects funded by the German Lost Art Foundation – whether new publications, exhibitions or restitutions. We also provide details of important events.

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Headquarters of the German Lost Art Foundation
The German Lost Art Foundation has relaunched its website.


Staircase of the foundation's villa
The German Lost Art Foundation invites to a lecture with Pascale Bernheim on 11th September 2023.
Objects after their arrival in the museum
MARKK begins a two-year provenance research project on collections from German colonial territories in the Pacific.
Library of German Lost Art Foundation
The German Lost Art Foundation is hosting a festive event to mark the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the “Washington Principles”, which will be held at 6 p.m. on 7 December 2023 in the Humboldt Hall of Berlin State Library, Haus unter den Linden.
Entrance German Lost Art Foundation
A conference is to be hosted by Stiftung Hamburger Kunstsammlungen, Hamburger Kunsthalle and the German Lost Art Foundation entitled: Was tun mit Eigentum? – Die Chancen liegen in der Verantwortung. Wege des Umgangs mit Sammlungen in Stiftungen und privater Hand (“What to do with property? – The opportunities offered by responsibility. Approaches to handling collections belonging to foundations and in private ownership”). It will take place on 1 September 2023 in the Werner-Otto-Saal at Hamburger Kunsthalle.
The painting Justitia by the Baroque artist Jürgen Ovens in an exhibition context
Museumsberg Flensburg is showing the latest results of its provenance research in an exhibition entitled Sammeln verpflichtet. 10 Objekte - 10 Geschichten (“Collecting obliges. 10 objects – 10 stories”).
three women looking at a drawing lying on a table
Within the research project „Ermittlung der Provenienz von 28 Handzeichnungen des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts unter Verdacht auf NS-verfolgungsbedingten Entzug in der Lippischen Landesbibliothek“ old drawings of unknown origin are examined.
Painting of Oskar Moll with plant and books
A short project started at the Silesian Museum in 1 June 2023 which is funded by the German Lost Art Foundation and entitled “Provenance research on the painting ‘Aechmea fasciata with books and Century Hall’, c. 1925 by Oskar Moll, Görlitz Silesian Museum, inventory number SMG 2001/1900”.
The next advanced training course in the field of provenance research at the Weiterbildungszentrum der Freien Universität Berlin (FU) will be held from 11 October to 15 December 2023 with the support of the German Lost Art Foundation.
The Museum Natur und Mensch Freiburg has published an album on the Eugen and Antonie Brandeis Oceania Collection for inclusion in the online collection of the city’s municipal museums.