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Nazi-looted cultural property
Colonial contexts
Wartime losses
Soviet zone / GDR

10 April is Provenance Research Day

This year sees the sixth international day dedicated to celebrating provenance research.

International Provenance Research Day is due to take place for the sixth time on 10 April 2024. More than 100 cultural institutions based in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA have registered their participation to date.

The wide-ranging programme focuses on topics relating to cultural property seized as a result of Nazi persecution, cultural goods and collections from colonial contexts, and objects expropriated in the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR, as well as histories of items and collections in general.

The day was initiated by the Research Association for Provenance Research (Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e. V.) and seeks to draw attention to the social and scholarly relevance of provenance research. Provenance Research Day is held on the second Wednesday in April each year. Museums, archives, libraries and galleries will be hosting guided tours, presentations and events to familiarise visitors with the techniques and methods used in this field of research – both on site and digitally.

For a summary and details of all activities relating to Provenance Research Day 2024, see the website of the Research Association for Provenance Research: