Leonhard Weidinger at the lectern

About the death of Leonhard Weidinger (1969-2023)

The German Lost Art Foundation mourns the death of the Austrian provenance researcher.

He was one of the pioneers of provenance research in Austria and far beyond, having worked as a freelance historian from 2005 onwards, initially for the Austrian Commission for Provenance Research. His contribution to the development of digital provenance research in particular cannot be overestimated, for example through his commitment to the digitalisation of auction catalogues and the networking of research findings. Numerous projects benefited from his knowledge and experience.  

From 2014 to 2018, Leo Weidinger was a member of the board of the Provenance Research Association, taking over the position of chair in 2017/18. Among other things, he promoted transnational cooperation and professional dialogue between provenance researchers.

He was an important contact and advisor to the German Lost Art Foundation. Along with the entire community of provenance researchers, we deeply mourn the loss of Leo Weidinger.