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Nazi-looted cultural property

Association of Jewish Libraries survey

AJL surveys the status of research in libraries.

The Association of Jewish Libraries has initiated a survey on the status of research in libraries. Relevant institutions can take part until February 14th. The call for the survey:

Dear Colleagues,

It has become apparent that librarians at several academic and institutional libraries, and some working with private collections, are simultaneously working on projects to identify in their collections and curate books looted by Nazis or otherwise stolen from Jews and Jewish organizations during the Nazi period. Some were purchased in good faith from books sellers after World War II and may need to be repatriated; others were acquired from the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction program (JCR), or as part of cultural exchange programs with the Nazi regime in the 1930s. AJL has created a task force to pool our experiences and create useful sources with regard to these efforts.

If you or your institution have had any experience with Nazi era looted books whether programmatically or randomly, please help us by completing this short survey. The results will be included in an internal report to AJL.