Data collection for the purpose of identifying problematic provenances

Funding area:
Nazi-looted cultural property
Funding recipient:
Landeshauptstadt Hannover
Federal state:
Lower Saxony
Contact person:
Dr. Cornelia Regin

PositionKoordinierung - Provenienzforschung zum Städtischen Kunstbesitz der Landeshauptstadt Hannover Sprengel Museum Hannover, ehemals Stadtarchiv Hannover

Tel.+ 49 (0) 511 16841026

Type of project:
short-term project

Collection and pooling of relevant, dispersed data for the purpose of identifying problematic provenances of cultural goods (masterpieces and other collection items) which were created before 1945 and acquired by the city of Hanover after 1933 (working tool for systematic provenance research).

The data collected will be used and updated for research purposes by provenance researchers working for the State Capital of Hannover.