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New-look website

The German Lost Art Foundation has relaunched its website.
German Lost Art Foundation

Contemporary design, more content: the German Lost Art Foundation has given its website at https://kulturgutverluste.de. In addition to a fresh layout, the website offers additional content and new functions. Those interested can now also read up on the historical background relating to the four subject areas covered by the Foundation: Nazi-looted cultural property, Cultural Goods and Collections from Colonial Contexts, the expropriation of cultural property in the Soviet occupation zone and the GDR, and wartime losses during the Second World War. In addition, basic information is provided for users on provenance research, and there are literature references for each subject area along with materials for further research.

Various new search filters make it possible to find specific information more quickly than before and carry out theme-based searches for publications, events or press releases, for example. All the Foundation’s publications, event recordings and blog posts are available in the media library; explanatory films on central issues of provenance research can also be downloaded here free of charge. The documents and papers required when submitting proposals for funding projects continue to be available, of course.

The newly established blog will provide insights into funded projects, present important new publications, exhibitions and conferences on provenance research, and report on successful restitutions.

In addition, users can sign up for the new German Lost Art Foundation newsletter: this contains details of Foundation news and activities as well as information about current funding opportunities for provenance research projects. The Foundation’s website will soon also be available in plain language.

We welcome feedback on our new website!

The German Lost Art Foundation team